Yes, you can. I mean that’s the essence of learning to help you become what you want to be. However, some non-technical skill like Curiosity to know, Analytical skills, Great Communication skills, Organisational skills, Attitude skills and trust is an ingredient of a good software tester.

No, you can’t. This program follows a road map for each activity within the next 3 month. And completion of each week is a foot closer to becoming a software tester. So, joining us half-way is like writing the code without understanding the business requirement.

There will be no examination for this program. However, applicants will be required to work on a live project and these will be graded by the professionals.

We won’t guarantee you to be 100% cooked in software testing after these programs but we are certain you will be skilled enough to resume a job as a Software Tester.

Yes, it will. A career as a Software Tester is a career in IT. With this career you can easily explore other fields in IT.

Yes, you can, as long as they quality for the program

You can switch to other areas like Program Management, Product Management, Business Analysis, Developer, e.t.c. However, we will train you in having a core responsibility as a Software Tester.