Testify recently held a meetup for all Testcode camp 1.0 & 2.0 participants last Saturday. The meetup was organized for participants to connect with their mentors, share their experiences, build relationships with their fellow participants and also learn from each other.

At Testify, we believe work environments are different –In brand and culture, but nevertheless, it is not an excuse not to put your best work in or not to the best you can be where ever you find yourself.

This meetup was to engage the past participants in sharing about; their present workplaces, how to testify has helped them to be who they are today, their transition into software testing, sharing ideas on how to be better Software Quality Assurance Engineers and how to build sustainable bonds with software developers in their various companies. The participants were able to ask questions and get a solution from other software testers who had gone before them

Here is what some of the participants had to say about the meetup:

The meetup was everything I envisioned and more…it was refreshing to see ourselves again after a very long time due to the pandemic. I also met with the new “baby testers” for the first time and it felt good to see all of them doing amazing things…the most interesting part was the refreshment 😁 and talk about our challenges as testers in our various places of work…I am so happy to have a big tech family that I can always reach out to in times of my tech need…the meet up was really amazing and refreshing we should do this again            — Melly Martin

One thing I know about myself is; I’m a sucker for meetups and hangouts. Last Saturday’s hangout really made me happy. I mean online training is good and all but being able to see the people you have been chatting with for so long and have been through a lot together and just being able to see them for the first time ever really meant a lot to me. I was really happy, just laughing and joking and we all coming together to talk about our experiences and challenges felt amazing. The meetup was really an amazing idea and I’m glad we had it successfully.      — Opeyemi Gbadamosi



Everyone had to introduce themselves because it was the first time some participants were meeting one another. The Q&A session began shortly after the introductions. Here are a few points to note from the session:

  • Your testing career doesn’t end at your workplace because it started there
  • Software Testing is continuously changing; you need to keep updating your skills
  • Stand your ground when talking to developers at your firm
  • If you are the only Quality Assurance Engineer at your firm; always ensure you create all documentation to ease up the job for testers coming after you.
  • Use the programming language you are comfortable with for testing
  • Software testing is a lucrative career and it doesn’t matter where it falls on a list as long as you are making your money.

We appreciated our mentor. Her birthday was actually a week from the event and testifiers decided to show her how much she meant to them by showering her with a few gifts. She is our own superhero; we almost made her cry. She was super happy with the surprise.

The meetup was a healthy atmosphere filled with intelligent driven individuals with intelligent ideas and advice on software testing and the best part is that it was also seasoned with food, drinks, and cake. All in all, it was an Amazing Experience!

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