Getting Started in Software Testing (Part 1)

Tomi got into the uber her dad had ordered. It was the first time she had been out since the pandemic except for clearance exercises. The pandemic definitely had a big toll on her as she almost fell into depression. She had plans for her service year but it was 10 months gone with nothing to show for it. She was so excited about seeing her friend — Lola, she knew she needed the “Pep talk mama” to perform her magic.

In the last couple of months, she had been taking quite a number of courses on Udemy- all unrelated. She had been doing it to stack up certifications and to sounds occupied but deep down in her mind — She knew she was just passing time. Everywhere she turned to it seemed everyone had their lives figured out. Mo — One of her closest friends had recently started selling small chops and chicken online. Mo refused to be mocked by any of her friends, no matter the jabs they threw at her “All hustle na hustle, computer work is not for all of us”. Tomi had always envied Mo’s courage and drive.

She was exhausted by the Lagos traffic. She hated to admit to herself but this had been the best uber driver she had ever had. He had asked her for the kind of music she wanted as she stepped in and he didn’t talk to her unless it was absolutely necessary. Listening to solemn songs, she picked up her phone to check her notifications, she was not addicted to social media but she was a game guru.

Even though she knew she wasn’t there to play or gist about boys because if that was the case she had come to the wrong house, it still didn’t affect her excitement as she arrived at Lola’s place. Lola was her most serious-minded friend and conversations with her had to be about work, progress, value, politics, and money if not, she wasn’t interested. Lola was book smart and street smart, a rare combination you would find in a Nigerian babe — Usually, you had to be one.

Oh my God, you are here!

Guy, I have missed you!

same here baby girl, same here!” Tomi exclaimed as sank her face into her friends’ back.

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“You need to hit the gym, Tomi,” Lola said as she withdrew from their long hug with a large grin on her face.

They spent some time giggling and chit-chatting as they moved to Lola’s room. Lola’s room was painted white and basically everything in was white with proper lighting. Lola had always claimed that proper lighting improves productivity. Tomi watched as her friend sank back into her desk, she could tell that’s where she spends most of her hours.

I want to be like you when I grow up

“I AM JUST UPDATING MY LINKEDIN PROFILE, you know what — help me check it out in 1” Lola muttered lifted her index finger up and she focused back on her laptop. Tomi watched as her friend switched between applications. Lola was a self-taught back end developer; she was a genius at python and java. Looking from the bed she sat, she admired Lola’s beautiful screen even though she knew if she moved closer it would be absolute jargons to her. She stood up to pace around the room and as she observed, she wondered how her friend could maintain such sanity with purity(white). While they were at school, they had both started the software development journey together with python but it became all so overwhelming for her. The thought of it made her even sad, there were so many notifications sounding from her friend’s laptop, she knew it was either from the team where Lola worked remotely or from one of her Fiverr clients. She knew Lola was self-driven and hardworking but this was some next-level stuff.

I am such a failure!

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“what?!” Lola shouted leaving her laptop and immediately turning to her friend who had sunk back on the bed.

“I wish I didn’t give up coding, you are so beautiful to watch! You work with so much passion. I don’t even know what I like, I love tech but I don’t fit in anywhere. Just look at Mo, she has monetized the years she put into building our social media visibility, and you? You are doing what you are most passionate about. I have even taken some courses on Udemy. I am such a disgrace and my ….” She kept on ranting until Lola cut in.

“Oh please, stop! You can be whatever you want to be but you are not a grouch. Let’s look for a way out”

It was typical Lola, she hated when people went on and on about something without doing anything about it. It reminded her so much of her childhood when that her dad kept on complaining about his job though it had been different since her dad left to start up his own company, it was still one of the things she hated the most.

“Okay!” Lola exclaimed as she brought out a brand-new note from the drawer of her desk.

“First of all, you are not a failure” Lola affirmed to her friend as she moved to chair to the bedside

SOFTWARE TESTING! Tomi muttered as she read out what her friend had just penned down in the notebook. “what’s software testing?” she wondered aloud

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“Wow, okay let me start from the basics! Software testing is the process of accessing/evaluating a software application to find out whether or not it is designed and developed according to the specified requirements of stakeholders and make sure it is defect-free. Software testers are indispensable in the tech space, they are the major part of the SDLC that determine if an application is ready to go live or not, in the company I remotely work for they call themselves “bug hunters”.

“This sounds so exciting but won’t I have to be coding to debug and besides what’s SDLC?” Tomi questioned

“Software development lifecycle, you should read up on it. In fact, that’s your first assignment! Oya take the pen and be jotting things down” Lola replied pointing the pen and note at Tomi

Okay o, teacher!” Tomi giggled

There are two types of testing — Manual and Automation testing. For manual testing, you won’t write code but for automation testing, you will write a little bit of code but it is not overwhelming. Before you say what is the difference. Manual testing is the type of testing that doesn’t require any sort of automation tool — all you need to do is to understand the project, write test cases, execute test cases and report them while automation testing uses software tools to execute tests then compares the expected result with the actual result”

“Sounds like everyone could be a software tester” Tomi guffawed

“ANYONE! Not everyone. Even my younger sister has started learning”

“Isn’t she waiting for UI to resume to start studying law?” Tomi asked as settled more seriously

“So??! See anyone who has finished secondary school, has a laptop, has electricity, and has access to the internet can be a software tester.” Lola replied

hmmnnn! So how do I get started?”

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Testify! They have a 3 months seasoned curriculum that we land your first job as a junior tester in any company, Yep! any company and of course there are online resources on Udemy, Udacity, and YouTube in case you want to be self-taught but I would recommend Testify anytime any day because I know a couple of people that have passed through that curriculum and boy! They are sound”

I will check them out online, thanks, babe! You are awesome!” Tomi said feeling so relieved

“I even hear Testify is going to Start testcode camp 5.0 soon, you should enroll so stay glued to their social media pages,” Lola said as she carried and her chair back to her desk and sat on it

“definitely” Tomi nodded in agreement.

Tomi finally picked up her phone. She felt a bit resolved, she had a plan and it was software testing with Testify. “Omo!” she exclaimed as she buried her face in the pillow. “what is it again, drama queen!” Lola asked.

“see as your LinkedIn look like an advance CV, chai!”

“guy, you will wash pillowcase before you leave here if you don’t behave yourself, see as you put makeup on my pillow?!

Both of them giggled as began chit-chatting about other things.

Regardless of your educational background, you can also become a Software Tester. All you have to do is join the TestCode Camp Academy and In 3 months, you can boast yourself of becoming another world-class and highly in-demand Software Tester.

The requirement is basic:
– Have a functioning laptop and a basic knowledge of using a laptop
– Access to Internet 24/7
– A dedicated 2hours daily into learning and doing your task
That’s all

We hope you make the best decision today by registering for the next cohort before its application end date.

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